Allow Your Well-Being

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Bringing harmony in life through therapy.

Most of us have somehow learned to believe that we need to work hard to prove our worth, earn a living, and achieve our desire.

If we have been taught to excel, to over-achieve, chances are, we have also been taught to adhere to the values named, “the harder the better,” discipline, and stoicism.

The problem with this is that there is an inherent contradiction. If we learn that we are not worth much upon birth, we grow up thinking that we need to prove ourselves. Previous generations, with the good intention of ensuring our survival, have passed on these ideals, often through shaming, which has in turn conflicted with our evolved knowings that we are worthy simply because we exist.

Connect with your authentic self

Discover your true desires.

Feel safe to genuinely self-express

(Be you) within your context.

Create the life you want

(ie. relationships, finances, material goods, experiences) through loving awareness and intentional focus.

Feel how/what you want to feel

(ie. love, joy, fun, peace, gratitude)


Amanda Marissa Rizo

Amanda was inspired at a very early age by the power of love, music being one of the very first avenues in which she channeled this abundant energy in her.

In 2009, she studied violin music performance at Florida State University. During that time, she was beginning to recognize many internalized messages that affected the perception of herself and the world. Amanda was faced with immense challenges around food and body image, which led her to courageously take her power back.

Amanda began a journey towards self-love and service for others. In 2013, she completed her bachelor degree in psychology at Florida State University.

Amanda set an intention to live harmoniously in her mind, body, and essence and inspire others to do the same. This intention soon led to her curiosity for powerlifting in the fall of 2013, which allowed her to feel more empowered physically.


Nadeshda Hernandez

Nadeshda studied a couple of years abroad and created her BA individual major in modern languages (Spanish, French, and Italian), which she obtained through studying abroad for 2 years and completing it at La Sierra University (LSU) in 2003, when she settled back in the U.S. At the time, Nadeshda thought that money was “the root of all evil” so she felt compelled to take on the challenge and thus got her MBA, with an emphasis in marketing, also at LSU, in 2005.

Her next step was a sabbatical in B.C., Mexico, where she taught English at a private middle and high school. After which, she returned home (Southern California). Her inspiration to become a Psychotherapist also returned. At Argosy University, she set out to obtain a 2nd master’s degree (2010) and become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), which materialized when she passed her licensure exam in 2015.

In 2012, she was approached by a producer with a parapsychological project, since which, Nadeshda has studied and explored parapsychology while investigating many paranormal cases. The first purpose of which is to rule-out rational or logical explanations. Further, she removes judgement and normalizes people’s experiences around this taboo subject, especially in mainstream psychology, where practitioners may be less familiar with paranormal phenomena and as a result be quick to label “psychosis.” These studies would soon lead her to study the power of the subconscious mind and become a Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHt) who graduated with honors from the Hypnosis Motivational Institute (HMI) in 2017.

Amanda's Services

Amanda is passionate about inspiring clients to embrace and allow their well-being. She helps clients cultivate authentic relationships in their lives; both with themselves and others.

She provides a safe environment for clients to explore their true selves, while mastering the process of creating their own reality and seeing the powerful beings they are. She supports clients in living enriched and empowered lives with ease, fun, and bliss.

Amanda is available for a free initial 15 minute phone consultation. She also provides 50 minute life coaching video sessions for $150 and 50 minute therapy video sessions for $175.

Nadeshda's Services

Nadeshda uses an eclectic repertoire of modalities within psychotherapy as well as hypnosis, guided meditations, dream interpretations, eft/tft tapping, Law of Attraction, neurolingusitic programming, oracle cards, essential oils, and crystals, depending on the client context and preferences.

She loves working with gen Zers, millennials, and gen Xers. Her favorite areas to explore with and facilitate for clients are career and relationship success, paranormal subjects, sexuality, abundance, parenting, past-life regressions, and self-love.

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